An Egypt tour was on my bucket list, so I was surfing various tou sites, and, by sheer chance, I happened to see "Mirror of Eternity". I wanted a detailed tour, si I became fixed on this tour. A s the tour was of 19 days duration, my friends refused to join me, saying it was too long, but by the end of the tour, I realised that they were very definitly the losers.

Amber is a great tour planner and leader.  She not only meticulously the itinerary, but also the details, day to day. Her patience and leadership qualities were exhibited every day. She imparted her knowledge for us to  experience out of this world feelings, at places where other tourists just passed by without any understanding or feelings at all.


This note is incomplete , unless I narrate one incident. First of all, let me tell you about myself. I am Indian, a non -practising Hindu, who does not visit temples and pray: and I wanted to visit Egypt to take photographs.

Amber arranged a private access to one of the temples. Before  visiting the main Goddess, she wanted us to meditate.  It was quite dark at that location, and whilst we were meditating, I felt as if a wind was circling my body, ( it was a closed room), so I thought that I should move closed to the wall, but found I could not move my feet, so I stretched out my hand to touch the wall. After that my body became heavier and heavier, then light, as if I was floating. I heard Amber calling my name, and shaking me. I realised that I was lying flat on the ground and did not know how I fell down.

I had many other experiences during this tour. So other than plenty of photographs, I had a spiritual journey during this tour in March 2019.

Thank you Amber for everything.


KP Rao, Secunderabad, India.



Note from Amber re KP Rao

The most amazing thing about KP's fall was that he fell onto his side, like a tree faling, straight down, with no attempt to save himself.  The next most amazing thing was that he was totally fine, right away as if nothing had happened. Next day he had no bruises or bumps or marks of any kind and reported that indeed, he felt wonderful. I can only assume that the Goddess Sekhmet was very fond of him and gave him a miraculous experience. As you may know, this statue iof Sekhmet s known for remarkable deeds, and I myself have witnessed many of them.

In future  though, we are sitting down for the meitation.




I have just returned from Egypt with the Mirror of Eternity March Tour 2019.

What an amazing journey through an ancient land of secrets.

It had been on my bucket list since I was a child and I am so pleased that I chose to travel with Amber and her team. We wanted for nothing and all our needs were met and then some.

We were a small group and thoroughly enjoyed every day together on our adventures.

If anyone is considering this journey, stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT!

Amber and her team were incredibly professional and provided well researched and wonderful experiences both new and ancient!

The food was fab, the accomodation was brilliant, a highlight was waking up to see the pyramids of Giza through the window...OMG!

Friends have asked me what was the best moment and my answer was... the entire 19 days!

Congratulations to Amber for providing such an awesome journey through the sands of time. 

Jane Dunster, Yea, Victoria.




Last year I had the privilege and blessing to be part of the Mirror of Eternity Tour of the ancient sites of Egypt. Where to begin?

Why did I go? Due to a curiosity I had since early childhood to experience the mysteries of the unknown past and only through experiencing the sensations first hand would I begin to understand my curiosity.

Why through Mirror of Eternity? A close friend recommended it as she had gone with Amber years previously and knew it better fitted my inclinations towards the mystical and esoteric,  and she found it absolutely life changing.

So, overcoming the initial trepidation, I found myself in the foreign  unknown and mysteries of the forgotten past of Egypt.

The many temples and ancient sites. It was truly an experience and with the guiding aid of Amber, who is a most erudite  Egyptologist and student of the Arcane lore and Ancient Wisdom traditions, to be not only in the presence of the time worn relics, but to be supplied with the wisdom and understanding of what I was looking at, where I was standing, what the Ancient Egyptians used the sites for, with the wonderment and exploration into the mysteries of ancient landscapes breathed back to life by contemporary minds.

We were well taken care of and at all times felt safe to experience and explore, from the bustling Egyptian metropolis of Cairo to the  traditional rural landscapes, to the secrets of the inner earth.

Each site touched and stirred by soul in its own unique way, as if each site had its own character and personality that intermingled and  and made exchanges with us individually. Under the tutelage of Amber secets unfolded themselves to us, the experience made all the more profound through our developed awareness of the significance of each plave we visited.

To sum it up...this is the opportunity of a lifetime and I highly recommend it. This tour is for those who have a calling to visit the mysteries of the past. To stand inside the Great pyramid, to witness firsthand the artistry of the past and most especially, the mysteries of the past..

I cannot recommend this tour enough.

Ben McGregor, Newcastle.




I have never felt more safe than on my recent incredible trip with Amber. 5* all the way in every detail. We were so well cared for, as Amber shared her incredible knowledge and gave us the opportunities to discover the ancient sites and mysteries.

Amber is a brilliant leader and amazingly nurturing. This was the trip of a lifetime!!

Victoria Childs, NSW, Australia.




I have totally enjoyed my experience on Ambers tours. Definitely 5* quality in both accommodation and the knowlwdge that Amber has of Ancient Egypt.

Kay Bowers, Qld Australia.



In March 2018, we went with Amber on her "Mirror of Eternity" esoteric journey to Egypt. It was the most unique experience.

The group was small, which allowed for personal contact and lots of personal attention for everyone during the trip. Being taught by Amber about Ancient Egyptian Religion and spirituality during the trip, gave much depth to our visits to the many sites on the itinerary: it made us see and appreciate things we would otherwise never have noticed or known about.

Amber's deep knowledge and experience allowed us to explore and understand the sites in a way that was memorable and uniquely  special.

The whole tour was exceptionally well organised. The cruises and day trips all went without a hitch, so we could just relax and go with the flow. One of the advantages of the cruises was that we could just go to bed in the evening and wake up next morning somewhere else completely, so all we had to do  was get off the boat and visit the next  bit of history, without the hassel of constant  packing and unpacking and frequent hotel moves. And, of course, just watching the banks of the Nile pass by, and see how much of life there has not changed in thousands of years.. That is a very special experience in its own right.

What the trip gave us personally is an unforgettable experince. We were able to feel and absorb the spirit of Ancient Egypt , it felt real and present  to us. It felt that we came very close to the Ancient Egyptians: bringing the ruins to life and giving us a new appreciation of the importance of a spiritual awareness in ourdaily  lives.

We absolutely recommend this trip to anyone looking for more than just playing tourist. To get all the value out of this journey does require you mto open yourself to the lessons of the ancient past and a  little extra effort to approach each site with respect, love and attention, instead of just running through it so you can tick it off your bucket list.

Amber is not just a great teacher and guide, she is also a marvellous host and makes sure everyone is catered for, that there is a great atmosphere in the group and that there is plenty to enjoy the whole trip long: lovely meals, comfortable rooms, reliable transportation, perfect organisation and above all, great company.

Although we have already seen more than we thought possible in one trip, we have not seen all of it yet, so we will be making this trip with Amber again in the coming years.


Paulina and Bard. QLD




"Pure energy, the nature of light, underlies all.

We emerge from and dissolve back into this radiant ground.

Not only can you know this--

You are this."

Deeply apprecaitive of all the hard work, the labour of love, to make this journey so enriching and inspiring.  Thank you Amber.

Love Rex.

Rex B  W. A.



I have recently returned from a 19 day Esoteric Tour of Egypt with Amber St Clare, who is  very experienced in taking tours to Egypt and making sure  the participants  get the most out of their trip.

It is taking time to for me to integrate all the amazing  affects of the tour, which was focused on the Esoteric nature of the Temples and Tombs. Amber taught throughout the tour and the teaching was both formal and informal- formal in the sense of arranging  time to give information about the sacred sites before we visited them.

We had a very experienced Tour Guide with us whom Amber had especially booked, his knowledge and sense of humour were very much appreciated.

Amber was available  at any time to answer questions and to listen to my  experiences and insights...or lack of them.

Amber has endless time to speak about the esoteric and mystic nature of the teachings and magic of the Temples.

She never tired of answering questions and going into depth for each member of the group, one to one- as the need came.

And I noticed that when we had insights to share with her, she listened on the spot for as long as was needed..

So apart from the affects of the sacred sites and sacred geometry and the sacred nature of the tour and the vibrational nature of the pyramids we visited, the tour was very special for me because of the personal guidance about the Egyptian Mysteries from Amber. I feel that I will continue to get more insights for a long time to come.


Alakh Analda,

Accredited Practitioner and Breathwork Trainer, Zentium International.

Byron Bay




Thanks to Amber (Mirror of Eternity) and our Egyptian Guide, I had the most amazing experience while in Egypt  of Novem ber 2017. Both Amber and our guide were obviously  committed to working together to provide all in the group with a quality experience throughout the trip.

The sites in Egypt were gorgeous and more than I had expected. We had time to experience the energy of the places we visited, seeing more of the sites than regular tour groups allow. Amber's teachings along the way helped in understanding and appreciating the sites as we went, ensuring we achieved a deeper spiritual experience. 

We also had plenty of time to relax in quality accommodations. For anyone interested in Egypt, with a spiritual aspect, I highly recommend the Mirror of Eternity Tour. I am already saving to go back again!

Thanks again Amber and Mirror of Eternity.

Cheers, Samantha Snelling, Australia.



Dear Amber,

Thank you! As I watch the almost 3000 photos pass before me on my Mac, ( which are still not quite enough), I am deeply gratified by the experience I had with you recently.

I know that it will take some time for the full effect of my Mirror of Eternity experience to sink in and I trust the nourishment my Soul received in this time will stay with me forever. This was not a simple "tick it off the bucket list" trip, but rather a deeply enriching experience of learning and personal and spiritual growth, witnessing the majesty of Ancient Egypt.


Thank you for the combination of wonderful connections with the mystical and astounding natural and constructed beauty of Egypt as well as the luxury and comfort of modern day amenities. At all times our needs were more than adequately met and I left both satiated and desirous of returning to  this sacred land.


I would recommend this trip to anyone wanting an authentic experience traveling through Egypt to some of the most extraordinary and mind blowing sites, coupled with opportunites not normally available to tourists, led by Amber,  an highly educated, respectful and committed Egyptologist .

With Love and Gratitude

Diane Viola


Relationship and Family Coach and Positive Relationship Facilitator



Dear Amber,

Thank you for a fantastic and soul enriching journey through Egypt in October 2016.

This was my third time with you and I loved re-visiting the ancient sites, where you always make it so special by sharing your wealth of knowledge and your love for this ancient land.

There were also many new places that you had included in this tour that  I had not seen before and it was an amazing experience to explore them with you.

Loved the cruise on Lake Nasser and all the temples we were able to visit from the boat and I always enjoy the cruise on the beautiful Nile.

So much to see and experience throughout the 19 days, it was truly a wonderful and memorable spiritual tour.

Thank you Amber for the time and effort you put in to make this time so enjoyable for me.

Love Jessie

Jessie B





I would like to thank Amber St Clare (Mirror of Eternity) for the wonderful experienceI had  in Egypt on the April 2016 tour.

From the hustle and bustle of Cairo and the pyramids (where the highlight was our Private Access to the Great Pyramid), to the splendours of Aswan and cruising down the Nile on a luxury cruise boat, the planning and attention to detail were amazing.

To visit these places myself after growing up reading about themwas a special experience that will stay with me forever.

It was a spiritual journey made all the more special with Amber's expert knowledge.

At all times we felt compeltely safe and welcomed by the Egyptians. The accommodation throughout was 5* and the variety of food was huge, with all tastes catered for.

Thank you Amber, for a wonderful journey , both physical and spiritual...and for the thousands of photographs I have to remid me of an unforgettable experience.


Nett, Australia



Hi Amber,

This was my third visit to Egypt with you and was once again amazing and very memorable.

Each time has given me new insights into the Ancient Egyptian philosophy and also new spiritual growth within myself.

Thank you for fitting additional  locations into the intinerary that I had not seen before.

The Egyptian guide (Hazam)was great and his knowledge was incredible.

As always, the accomodation was first class and the food excellent and plentiful.

Having the Private Access to the Sanctuary of Sekhmet and then the Great Pyramid are always the highlights of the journey.

Thanks once again Amber for your time, knowledge and generosity.

Love Barby.

QLD Australia



Amber, you are amazing and filled with rich knowledge and wisdom.

Extraordinary, that is the only word that comes close to describing my experiences on this tour. The sites were wonder-full, Amber was great, the group were awesome and the experiences were memorable.

I will certainly come on this tour again and high;ly recommend  it to people who want to fully immerse themselves in the magic and metaphysical realmsof Egypt.

Josie Thomson. Brisbane.  Australia.




Dearest Amber, I can never thank you enough for taking me on this, the most incredible journey ever.

I have loved every minute of every day. Thank you for showing and sharing your beloved Egypt with me.

Love A V-R.   QLD




Cairo 10th November...Dear Amber, Egyptologist extrordinaire, at the beginning of this holiday, some of us did not know our KA from our BA or even our Thoth from our Ptah! But with your insightful knowledge we have been able to get a glimpse of the wonderful Ancient Egyptians.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to appreciate this ancient civilization and culture as well as feilding our many questions with grace and composure.

This holiday has been most enjoyable, spiritually uplifting and personally rewarding.

With many thanks and all best wishes,

Alan L, NSW.



Amber St Clare is the perfect host, which adds a level of atmosphere and comfort to her tours, way beyond the 5* accommodation. It is the whole packege that made our trip absolutely unforgettable. We will definitely be doing another tour with Amber in the future.

Paulia Noordegraff.





Thank you Amber for all your kindness and understanding. It has been the most memorable journey inward and outward. Thank you for a fabulous trip to Egypt and many amazing memories to carry with me always.

Maggie D  QLD




Thank you Amber for expanding my horizons so much and inspiring us to become MORE  than we think we can be.

Much Love. Rex. Western Australia.





We had never been on a group tour before and have to confess were a bit apprehensive about the prospect. However, it quickly became apparent to us as we researched a visit to Egypt that it is the only real way to experience this magical land.

From the start; we had a good intuitive feeling about the "Mirror of Eternity" tour from Ambers website and our own personal interactions with Amber herself.

This tour is Exceptional. It opened our eyes to Egypt in the most amazing and  unexpected ways. The tour is designed as a journey of the spirit, mirroring the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. What we liked most was the way each beautiful and unique site connected with all the others to create a  whole, comprehensive, ancient world view which is still reflected in so much of life today.

Each step of the Journey built on the last so that the tour kept on surprising and delighting us as we went.

Amber is a wondeful leader with incredible kknowledge which she is more than happy to enthusiastically share. Her passion for Egypt and the Egyptian people is palpable and infectious. She cheerfully and promptly made sure every need was met and every detail was well organised.

This is a real credit in Egypt where planning is not the greatest cultural strength! Egypt is certainly well and truly "in our blood" now (largelt thanks to Amber!!) and we know in our hearts we'll return one day...

R+T Wollongong, NSW




Thank you Amber  for giving us a great understanding of the Ancient Egyptians and their world. I had no idea I needed to know this when I started the tour, but so grateful I do now and learning from such a knowledgeable and beautiful "priestess" as yourself. Shukran! With Love and warm wishes and also on behalf of all the puppies you have helped.

Eve L  NSW



Many thought I was crazy to be travelling to Egypt again after just being  with you last year and with all the media showing the disruption in the country!!

How wrong they all were....  Once again my journey with you was one of enormous changes WITHIN, both spiritually and emotionally.

I can only re-iterate all that I expressed last year and more so.

 I feel very privileged to have had this experience.

Learning from yourself ; my understanding of the Ancient Egyptian philosophy has awakened how we are constantly working towards the Oneness; Ancient Egypt had so much more comprehension, so many thousands of years ago.

Amber, your knowledge and LOVE for Egypt shows.....Your tours I recommend to anyone...they truly are very special.

You are a great and amazing Egyptologist.

Once again, Thank you.

Barby Fisher.



I would like to assure everyone considering going to Egypt that taking one of Ambers tours is most definitely a 5* experience. My pertner Debbie and I went on the March 2018 Tour and had a wonderful and exciting time.

Yakov Morris.




I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic time I had in Egypt.

You are a wonderful tour leader, with such a love for Ancient Egypt, and I am very grateful for the time and effort you put into making The Mirror of Eternity Tour a very special and unique experience.

I felt such a connection with Ancient Egypt last year on your tour, and so returning with you again this year was a dream come true.

Because it was the second visit,  the energies felt stronger to me at the temple sites, which deepened and enriched my experiences there. I loved the Private Access to Karnak, and for me the highlightof my tour was our Private Access inside the Great Pyramid.

Love and Hugs

Jessie. WA



We had been to Egypt before with other tour groups and because of those experiences we are able to tell you just how good your tours are Amber. Your tours are excellenty organized, we were taken care of every step of the way. Met at the airport, and not only taken to the hotel but checked in too.

You made sure that our every need was met and that certainly was not the case on the other tours. Your expertise and knowledge opened our eyes and hearts to the wonders of Egypt more than we could ever have expected and we shall certainly be back and most certainly, that trip will be made with you.

Annie and Derrik Mac. Bristol. UK



I had wanted to visit Egypt all my life, but was uneasy about going alone. then a friend told me about your tours and I am so grateful that she did. I had the best time, learned so much and felt totally secure everywhere we went.  I feel that i have made friendships that will last a lifetime from that tour,. Thank you so much.


Delia Scott UK







Thank you for the wonderful, exciting time I have just experienced. I would absolutely recommend The Mirror of Eternity tour to anyone wishing to experience a mystical journey back in time to Ancient Egypt, and you are a fantastic guide and tour leader. The bond that I have for all the group, because of everything that we shared, will always remain.

Amber, I loved the tour, everyday was filled with amazing things to see and enjoy, each temple reveiling its own powerful energies and beautiful decorations. All the information and teachings that you shared with us made The Ancient Ones become alive to me again. I enjoyed the cities and villages and the drive into the countryside each day on the way to the temples, watching the people going about their daily lives, and the cruise down the beautiful Nile river.


During the meditations at the Private Accesses in the Tomb of Ramesses 6th in the Valley of the Kings, Sekhmets Sanctuary and the Kings Chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, I had such deep, profound and incredible, wonderful and unusual experiences...they will forever live in my memories.

The disappointmet of not being able to see Egypt last year because of the revolution is now gone, and I express my gratitude that when I did return to Egypt, it was with you.

Love and Hugs, 

J Blake, Australia




I have been doing many travels around the globe, but my trip to Egypt with you Amber was truly amazing and so inspiring on every aspect., Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Amber you are a great gift to Egyptology and I learned so much in so many ways. Ahmed and yourself are just so dedicated to Ancient Egypt that you bring out the pureness  of its culture and teachings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Barby Fisher,  UK




The trip to Egypt seen through the lens of     THE MIRROR OF ETERNITY     was truely amazing. After arriving home, I woke one morning around 1am with the distinct clarity and understanding of what I had experienced and what       THE MIRROR OF ETERNITY   really meant. Thank you Amber for sharing your amazing knowledge with our group. It has certainly given me a different perspective of the Ancient Egyptian belief system.

Enjoy Life!

Love, Christina. WA




Amber, you have managed to put together an absolutely awesom trip... where we had the opportunity to experience such a wide diversity of sites and Egyptian culture at its best.

We experienced so much because of you and you have managed to jam pack so much into the trip, so that we got to see and experience as much as possible. The land of your dreams, the land of your heart, the land that you love.

Thank you for being you and allowing the opportunity to bring our dreams, our birth, our combined love of this land to fruition.


Kay B.  Brisbane  




We had never been on a group tour before and have to confess we were a bit apprehensive about the prospect.. However; it quickly became apparent to us, as we researched a visit to Egypt , that it is the only real way to experience this magical land. From the start, we had a good intuitive feel about "The Mirror of Eternity" tour from Ambers website and our own personal interactions with Amber herself.

This tour is EXCEPTIONAL.

It opened our eyes to Egypt in the most amazing and unexpected ways.

It is designed as a journey of the spirit, mirroring the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians.

What we liked most was the way that each beautiful and unique site connected with all the others to create a whole, comprehensive, ancient world view which is still reflected in so much of life today. Each step of the Journey built on the last so that the tour kept on surprising and delighting us as it went.

Amber is a wonderful leader with incredible knowledge, which she  is more than happy to enthusiastically share. Her passion for Egypt and the Egyptian people is palpable and infectious. She cheerfully and promptly made sure every need was met and every detail well organised. This is a real credit in Egypt where planning is not the greatest..

Egypt is now well and truly "in our blood" now (largely thanks to Amber!!), and we know in our hearts we shall return one day...

R and T from Wollongong, NSW





I have had the most amazing, spiritual journey with Amber. It was a tour of knowlege, wisdom, growing and sharing and I thoughly recommend her tour. 

Thank you for taking me on a wonderful spiritual journey, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Glenys, xx  Brisbane, Australia 




My trip to Egypt was the most amazing adventure.

Amber was the perfect person to  lead the tour- we did not have to worry about anything, and her knowledge of Egyptian history and Gods was amazing.

Our tour guide Mr Fayed was  fantastic, between him and Amber the trip to Egypt was one of the highlights of my life.

I still remember the trip as though it was yesterday and will always be thankful for the spiritual journey i was honoured to be part of.

Annette M.    Victoria.



Many, many thanks for the most wonderful spiritual journey...Wow is not enough to say how incredible it has been for me...and definately  life changing. Thanks for your teachings, just great. 

Love Barby x  UK




What can i say!? Thank you!

It truely has been magical to have come to Egypt with you and such a lovely group of people!

I am so  blessed and grateful to have you in my life!

Thank you for all your hard work towards this trip-- your wisdom and guidance accelerates the quality of my life to a very hightened level.

Lauren .     Berowra  NSW



Amber, You are amazing. You not only looked after us all with grace and patience, but your knowledge of Egypt gave us a totally different experience from the one we had experienced before. Our first tour of Egypt was with another, run of the mill, travel agency booked tour. It was nice,  but nothing like the experience we had with you. We came back this time understanding the Ancient Egyptians and their Gods and knowing more about the temples and how they functioned.

it was the most memorable experience of our lives and we thank you so very much..and yes, we will be back!

Alice and Owen UK



Oh, we so wish that we were coming back again on the next tour!. It was the most remarkable trip, we loved every minute of it and learned so much from you about the Ancient Egyptians. Say Hi to Farid from both of us, he was so full of interesting facts, a wonderful guide, we were lucky to have him and he did so much to make us feel welcome. We will always recommend your tours.

Jo and George, Tasmania



My trip to Egypt was so much more than i ever thought it would be, with Amber as our spiritual guide and Mr. Farid ( with a wealth of Egyptian knowledge ) as our Egyptian guide we were given the opportunity to have private viewings at some of the most wonderful temples and in the Great Pyramid.

Whilst there, Amber guided us through meditations that left me feeling absolutely serene.

I would thoroughly recommend Ambers trips to anyone, it is more than a trip to Egypt, it is a life changing experience.

Thank you Amber for your great organisation and care and skills with the people who were in your group.

Elaine G      Victoria  




When i have to sum up how Egypt was and the highlights of the tour i definately mention my fantastic and magical experiences when we had the Valley of The Kings all to ourselves!

That was just so special and mind blowing that just  the fact that we had exclusivity to such a special place - and to go into a tomb with Amber and for her to do a meditation with us - well that will be something i will remember so  clearly and beautifully for the rest of my life.

And i can't not mention going into the Great Pyramid of Giza with Amber and again doing a meditation-- just being there was amazing---another thing i will always remember and i wish this experience to everyone.

Egypt was magical and spiritually, emotionally and mentally uplifting.

My expectations were high as i knew that just being with Amber would be special, let alone her teaching us and guiding us through meditations etc.

My expectations were exceeded because i learned so many valuable lessons about myself  that i just couldn't have expected. 

Egypt is such a  mystical place but i know that if i had experienced it without being on this particular tour i would have never experienced the same level of quality or self enhancement .

Oh, and Farid was just so lovely!  He was really aligned with the tour and he really worked from his heart and constantly did so much for us along with Amber so that we could experience magical things.

The extra work he put in for us was really special and we are forever grateful that he cared for us to have a good time. He was very knowledgeable and taught us alot!


Lauren H.         Sydney




Amber was absolutely wonderful, I cannot think of a better person to have been to Egypt with, her knowledge was extensive, the meditations and rituals were intriguing and powerful. Since doing this tour, I not only understand Ancient Egypt a lot better, I understand myself a lot better and my whole life seems to have more depth and purpose. I would not have missed this for the world.


Alice B. UK




What was the highlight of my trip? I cannot chose between the visit to Sekhmet in Karnak Temple and our time spent alone in the Great Pyramid at Giza. The former was a very humbling experience, the latter, awe inspiring. If i could change anything about the trip I would have wanted it to be longer! It was a wonderful experience and one which i just might have to do again next year!

Joanne W    SA



The meditations in the tombs and temples were liberating and empowering. I enjoyed the whole experience and Amber was a wonderful tour leader, caring and compassionate and I really enjoyed her dry sense of humour too! I have already recommended this trip to my friends and I sincerely hope that they go, it was totally inspiring.

AO  Brisbane



For me, the inner, personal, esoteric journey was priceless and irreplaceable, it has filled my life with meaning.

HH  Victoria.



This tour was a wonderful, spiritual experience and I would certainly recommend Amber and her teachings. She has an incredible insight into the Ancient Egyptians and all they knew. Would not have missed this for the world.


Lawrence VA Canada



This is just a note to say how much i enjoyed my trip to Egypt with you in April / May of 2010.

It was an absolute delight, after the many years i  have spent reading about its history and culture,

nothing prepares you for the real thing.

The Private Access in the Sekhmet Chapel was a powerful experience, simply uplifting. Amber was excellent as guide and Tour Leader, especially in relation to the Sekhmet Temple meditation night.

The Nile Cruise was something else, a very enjoyable, comfortable journey.Entertainment, as in the Sufi dancer  was almost unbelievable.  You could not fault the food or the service.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip.

Last  but not least, our time in the Great Pyramid.

The whole experience was one of the highlights of my life and i thank Amber again for making it so memorable.

I must not forget "el" Farid Fayed, our Egyptian guide, whose knowledge of the temples was extraordinary and whose tales of his boyhood playing in and around the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid were amazing.

Can't wait to get back!


John O       Byron Bay 



The whole journey was excellent. I felt that I grew a lot in myself and that  I connected to my spiritual nature. I felt happy with everything. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


Shirley G. Minnesota.



Ok, Ok, I know that I only went along because "she" wanted me to go and I did not want her to go without me. I was not expecting it to be anything out of the bag, but boy, was I mistaken. 

You know , it really is an amazing place, and listening to you made it more amazing. Thanks Amber, I did enjoy my trip, it opened my eyes to so much and, I think it did change me, in some good ways!

Ken G. USA



© 2010 Mirror Of Eternity