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Metaphysical Journeys for the Heart, Mind and Soul


Travel for the Spiritual intellectual.


A Pilgrimage to the Ancient Temple of the Cosmos






March 16th to April 3rd


  OCTOBER 26th to November 13th                                 




Dates for 2020

March7th and October 24th

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BONUS ...............2  PRIVATE ACCESSES




To visit these incredible places is wonderful and awe inspiring, but to have them all to ourselves is truly magnificent, and in many cases, utterly life changing.


That is what people say about Egypt more than anything else,

"it changed my life and made everything different".


  Extra Bonus

In This Tour We have 2 Luxury Cruises, One on the Nile and the Other on Lake Nasser


The Mirror of Eternity.

Join Amber St Clare on a pilgrimage to the Ancient Temple of the Cosmos,Eternal Egypt.


Concerning Egypt,I will now speak at great length, because nowhere are there so many marvellous things, nor in the whole world beside are there to be seen so many things of unspeakable greatness.

HERODOTUS 5th Century BC


As we travel through Egypt I explain the relevence of the sacred sites and what they mean for us

and how they can help us in becoming the best person we are able to be. This tour follows the "Ascension Path" of the Pharaohs, who were meant to become the "Horus Being", the Being half way between God and Man. Like the Pharaoh, we will end up in the Great Pyramid, not for 3 days and 3 nights as they did, but long enough for us to make that connection, if it is right timing and we have connected to the other sites along the way.

Flying away  to begin our Egyptian adventure..



DAY 1.  Saturday

Arrive Cairo airport where we will be met and assisted through customs and transported to our hotel for some rest, great food and relaxation .


Cairo is an exciting city, a wonderful assault on the senses, a thriving, teeming metropolis that is on the go day and night, its cars and pedestrians mixing seemlessly with donkey carts and camels, tourist buses and street vendors.

In this intriguing city can be found an abundance of all the goods that Egypt has long been famous for, fragrant oils, gold and silver jewelly inlaid with precious gems, cotton goods and the first "paper" that the world ever knew, papyrus.


Please make sure to be in Cairo  in time for us all to meet for dinner in the hotel restaurant at 6.00pm

 Le Meridien  Giza or similar. Dinner


DAY 2 Sunday

After breakfast, we visit the Oldest Synagogue and the Coptic Christian Churches of Old Cairo.


The Oldest Coptic Church is built over the cave in which the Ancient Egyptians hid the Holy Family from King Herod and the Romans. The church has the most lovely atmoshere and it is a great privilage to be able to look down into the cave and marvel at the kindness, bravery and foresight of the Ancient Egyptians.


We will also visit the Museum of Antiquites

Today we visit the amaing Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, which contains a vast treasure trove of important pieces from Egypts long history.

Encased within these walls are a staggering amount of artifacts, over 120,000 items are housed here, from the large and heavy statues and sarcophagi on the first floor to the golded wonders that were found buried with Egypts most famous Pharaoh, Tutankhamun, which are housed on the second floor of the building.

To enter this part of the museum and gaze at Tutankhamuns magnificent earthly possessions makes us wonder, if all this was buried with a young boy King, just how much more would the tomb of a long lived Pharaoh, like Ramesses the Great,have contained, and, where is it now?

This museum is filled to bursting with the most intriguing assortment of artifacts from every stage of Ancient Egypts long history.

The astonishingly life like crystal eyes of Ka Statues gaze into our own as we pass them, looking for all the world as if they might suddenly spring into life and step forard to accompany us as we walk through the halls of the museum and up the stairs to the Mummy Room.

After our tour guide has taken us through some of the most famous exhibits we will have time to explore on our own.

PLEASE NOTE, that entrance to the Mummy Room requires a separate ticket that will have to be purchased by those wishing to enter on the day.


 overnight at our hotel.  BF and Dinner


DAY .3 Monday  


 We fly to the lovely town of Aswan


  We will then sail along the river Nile and visit one of the Nubian Villages that dot the shoreline. The Nubians  are a colourful and hospitable people who have interacted with the Egyptians for thousands of years.  

We then embark upon our LAKE NASSER CRUISE




Sailing around Lake Nasser gives us plenty pf opportunities to see temples and tombs that most visitors to Egypt do not get to see. Lake Nasser itself was created in 1960 and is 300miles long and 600ft deep in some places. The Lake was named after Gamel Abdel Nasser, President of Egypt from 1956 to 1970.


We Visit  Kalabsha Temple, saved from the expanding lake and moved closer to Aswan

DAY 5 Wednesday


We visit Wadi El Seboua, Amada and the Tomb of Pennut at Derr


DAY 6. Thursday

We visit the  Temple of Ramses The Great and The Temple of Nefertari at ABU SIMBEL


Abu Simbel.

Today we visit the magnificent twin temples of Ramesses the Great and his beloved wife Queen Nefertari at Abu Simbel.

Once doomed to oblivion by the rising waters of Lake Nasser, the temples were saved by an international effort and painstakingly taken apart and relocated where the waters could not touch them. This mammoth undertaking took 4 years to complete at the cost of $40Million US dollars.


The main temple is dedicated to Ramesses himself and the Gods Ptah, Ra Horakhty and Amen. As we walk towards this temple we are greeted by four colossal seated statues of Ramesses, each one 20 metres tall and bigger than the Colossi of Memnon.

Like all of Egypt's temples, this place was built to interact with light, and, twice a year at the time of the solstice, the dawn sun penetrates the temple, and, with incredible precision, lights 3 of the 4 statues of the Gods, which are 200ft inside the temple, Ptah always staying hidden in the shadows.

This temple is a testament to the power and and grandeur of Ancient Egypt and to Ramesses the Great himself, which, of course, is exactly what he intended it to be.


Located about 120 metres away is the temple dedicated to Nefertari, the beloved wife of Ramesses. Although this temple is much smaller, it is a testament written in stone to his undying love for her, in this world and the next, and is unique in that the statues of Nefertari on the facade  of her temple are almost the same size as those of the Pharaoh himself, showing us how important she was to him.


Both temples are exquisitly decorated and for this reason Abu Simbel is one of the most visited sites in Egypt.


The temple of Ramesses the Great stands facing the morning sun, bathed in relentless light and solar energy. It reminds us of the  energy of the base chakra, that we need to temper our ego, to stand in our own power, but to let the light be the greater part of us.

Overnight on Cruise boat



In the morning we  travel back to the delightful town of Aswan. and visit the beautiful Temple of the Goddess ISIS  





The Temple of Isis.

Today we visit the beautiful Temple of Isis at Philae.

Isis represents the eternal femine aspect of God which is present in all nature. In Ancient times she was so loved and respected that her worship extended into the lands of the Mediterranean and beyond, there were even temples dedicated to Isis in Britain.

She was also regarded as being "The Mistress of Magic".


Isis was revered  for her wisdom, knowledge of magic and love of her husband Osiris and son Horus. She represents loyalty and a love so true that it is able to transcend the death of the physical and bring new creation into being in a miraculous and magical way.


This temple exudes an aura of refined femininity, creativity and quiet beauty, and in its inner sanctuary we will gather around the sacred altar of Isis and ask her to bless us and protect us as we take our journey into the Mirror of Eternity.


Afterwards we will have plenty of time to explore the temple on our own, to linger in the shade of the colonnades, to wander across the broad courtyards and into the inner recesses of the temple to meditate, dream, imagine and take photographs.

Later in the day we will embark our cruise ship and set off on an exciting trip down one of the worlds greatest rivers, the legendary Nile.


As we sail slowly towards Luxor our attention is drawn to the riverbanks, where in many places life continues much as it has for thousands of years. We pass farmers still working the land with cattle and donkeys, green fields luxurious with crops and date palms, villages of mud brick homes looking as if time has stood still.  Here it is easy to see the thin strip of fertile black land that traditionally fed the people of Egypt and enabled them to become rich and powerful. Beyond that thin strip lies the harsh desert, and sometimes it reaches almost to the edge of the Nile itself, folding into barren rocky cliffs that hug the shoreline.


At the end of a long hot day ,as we relax in comfort  on the shaded deck of our ship, we see the village boys playing in the water at the edge of the Nile at sunset, much as they have done for centuries.

Dinner and overnight on board our NILE CRUISE  The Nile Farah  or similar.


DAY 8  Saturday




Kom Ombo.    The Temple of Duality.

Today we visit the twin temples of Kom Ombo; these temples are side by side and identical in every way except that one was dedicated to the Crocodile God Sobek and the other the the falcon God Horus.

Sobek represents what we might call the "ordinary man", the man (or woman) who is living his everyday life, working, playing, caring for his family and being part of his community, but never extending himself to look further than the physical, never looking for knowledge of his own spirituality or of eternity to be revealed to him.

Horus represents the "Higher Being", the man or woman who is actively seeking esoteric and metaphysical knowledge

and who has a strong desire to move closer to the spiritual and to find the divine.

At these fascinating temples we are able to see the inscriptions of ancient medical instrumets, many of which look very much as they do now, the all seeing eyes of God, and the ears that hear all that is said.

We can gaze down the well in the Temple of Sobek to see where the peiests fed thier pet crocodiles and view the once hidden rooms below the floors of the temples that allowed the High Priests secret access to both sanctuaries.


At these temples we can make our own individual choice as to which path we want to take in this lifetime. The Ancient Egyptian religion promised us eternal life, and we could live eternal life in one of two ways; we could live it through countless reincarnations by following the path of Sobek, or have Eternal Life living with the Gods as godlike beings ourselves,by choosing the Path of Horus.

There is no penalty for the choice we make as long as we do not break the laws of fate and destiny.... the laws of Maat, the Goddess of Justice, Balance and Harmony.


Later in the day we visit:



The Temple of Horus at Edfu.

the sanctuary, the most sacred part of the Temple.


The temple of Horus at Edfu is unique in that it is the most intact temple left to us; here we are able to see how each temple was originally constructed, even to the ruins of the mud brick homes of the priests and priestesses that were clustered around its walls.

We are drawn in through the courtyard and into the body of the temple itself and on into the most sacred part, the Sanctuary of the God Horus. In ancient times only the High Priest or High Priestess of the temple and Pharaoh were allowed to enter this sacred place, no one else ever saw it, so as travellers in this magical land we are privileged to view it now, to be able to stand so close to the altar and the sacred barque of the God of the temple.

 BF , Dinner and overnight on board.






Today we visit The Valley of the Kings and The Colossi of Memnon .





DAY 10 .Monday


Our Beautiful Hotel in Luxor

Today we visit the Temple of Medinet Habu and the delightful workers village of Deir El Medina. This is where the men lived who built the Pharaohs Tombs in the Valley of the Kings and it is  here they built and decorated tombs for themselves, much smaller, but just as beautifully decorated.  




Next to the workers Village is the small temple of Hathor which contains the image of the God Anubis dressed in a Red Coat, the only one of its kind in Egypt.



Later we travel to Esna to the Temple of Khnum and Neith. This temple was buried  for many years in silt from the Nile Floods. It is now around 20 ft below street level and only around 1/4 of the temple has been excavated. The wonderful thing is that the silt has preserved the vivid original colours of the temple. This is how all the temples would have looked thousands of years ago.



DAY 11. Tuesday


ABYDOS , THE Mysterious Temple of Seti 1st and the enigmatic remains of the ancient Osirion.


Temple of Sety 1st and the Osirion at Abydos.

In all the world, this has to be one of my favourite places and each trip, I just cannot wait to get back here again. There is something about this place that never loses it allure, no matter how many times I see it.

We leave our ship early in the morning for the drive to Abydos, for here we find the magnificent temple of Sety 1st and the  Osirion, the tomb of the God Osiris. Although the tomb is now in ruins, it is easy to see how awe inspiring it once was, it speaks to us of great antiquity and an exact scientific knowledge that is now all but lost to us. We are still able to walk down the steps to view the enigmatic " flower of life" that is still visible on the megalithic slabs of stone from which the Osirion was built.  The Flower of Life is believed to be the representation of the building blocks of the Universe.


The Temple Sety 1st is dark and mysterious, even the light is different within its ancient walls. When the sunlight penetrates through the light shafts here, it becomes a beautiful electric blue.

Within this temple are the secret hieroglyphs, just how much did the Prophets of Sety know, did they see the future, or did they see the remote past? To see these heiroglyphs is an unmissible event, yet most people never even know about them.


What do you see in the picture above?


The walls are filled with wonderful pictures, engravings and inscriptions and within the seven chapels, ( the 7 steps to heaven and the 7 chakras) are intricate carvings in exquiste detail, images of Gods and Goddesses and the resurrection of Osiris by his wife Isis.


Here in this magical place we are able to ask that something special be resurrected within us, perhaps something from another lifetime, some memory or skill that can help us now,something that will help us to live at a higher level of our destiny.


For me personally, something magical happens for me every single time I come here.


BF, Dinner and overnight on board.



DAY 12 Wednesday


The Temple of Hathor at Dendera.

After an early breakfast we disembark from our ship and drive to Dendera . This is another of my "must sees" on any visit to Egypt. This temple always manages to stir my heart and makes me feel as if I am "home".

This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Hathor who is the personification of Gods Love and Beauty. Hathor is also mistress of music and dancing and all the things that give joy to human life on earth. There is a feeling of feminine grace and elegance within these temple walls.

The walls themselves, the pillars and ceilings are exquisitly decorated with Hathors special colour, the most beautiful turquoise blue.

In this glorious space we are able to explore the secret rooms and view the enigmatic inscriptions hidden there... and make up our own minds about just how much technology was available to the Ancient Egyptians many thousands of years ago.



Above is the Dendera Light Bulb. The Ancient Egyptians had a wonderful sense of humour. This depiction of how they made light is in a tunnel beneath the crypt. No natural light could have penetrated here and there has never been evidence of smoke from candles or flares, but within these tunnals are works of extreme precision and delicacy.

We  follow in the footsteps of Hathors priestesses as we make our way up the  worn steps of the processional way to the roof of the temple.

The view now is of desert, but once all the temples of Egypt were surrounded by lavish gardens and sacred lakes.

 The Ancient Egyptians were dutiful and gifted astronomers, for thousands of years the priests of old studied the night sky and kept precise notes of all that they observed. They knew the exact movements of the stars and planets, the phases of the moon and the moment of sunrise and sunset.


Across the ceilings of Dendera temple we are still able to see some of the astronomical and astrological knowledge of the heavens that they have left for us.

For here in the ceiling of one of the chapels is the  "Zodiac of Dendera" where we can still see our own astrological sign along with the Gods of the 4 corners of the world and of the seasons , the great circle of the heavens above us, the way the ancients saw it.


The exact moment of birth and the first breath that we ever  took are moments of supreme significance in anyone's life, for in these first moments our fate and destiny flow into us with our first gasp of air.

In this sublime temple we are able to re connect with that moment and ask that we are able to  manifest the destiny that heaven had planned for us at our moment of birth.




DAY 13.  Thursday






The magnificent Temple of Karnak; in all of Egypt no site is more impressive than this stupendous monument to the Ancient Egyptians all consuming love for their Gods.

Karnak covers 247 acres of land and is a vast complex of pylons, chapels and temples, and is the largest temple ever built by man.

For 1300 years successive Pharaohs kept adding to its magnificence and many generations of superb artisans were kept busy decorating and maintaining its many different areas.

The ancient name of Karnak was " ipet-isut", meaning " the most select or most sacred of places" and "heaven upon earth".

The towering columns of the great Hypostyle Hall are considered to be one of the world's greatest architectural masterpieces and as we walk through them it is easy to feel dwarfed and overawed by the majesty of this sacred buildng.


The Hall ceiling was 82ft high and was supported by 12 papyrus columns, symbolizing the first moments of creation when the One Great Unknowable God spoke the words that brought everything into manifestation........ and the first of these things was Light.

Still visible are some of the stone lattice work windows that would have allowed sunlight to penetrate into the interior of the temple, and, in ancient times when the temple floor was covered in silver and its walls covered  with gold,  this would have recreated the effect of the first dazzling light that flowed across the Cosmos as Ra the God of the Sun rose over the horizon for the very first time.


We are able to  spend the morning here wandering through the vast ruins, exploring the sanctuaries and chapels and walking around the sacred lake.




" The Rite of Purification". Karnak Temple and



The name Sekhmet means "Power", and of all the Gods Sekhmet was considered to be the most powerful. Sekhmet is the personification of the power that activated the universe and caused the first words of creation to become manifest.

She is the  Goddess of the implacable energy of Karmic retribution, yet also of healing and protection and her priests and priestesses where the doctors of ancient Egypt.

The emblem chosen to represent her was the lioness, renowned for her ferocity and yet gentle, kind and loving to her cubs.

Sekhmet also holds the power to unlock the spiritual energy that lays coiled at the base of the spine, as it surges upwards it opens the 3rd eye and the crown chakra.


Our Private Access takes place in darkness and as we approach  the temple we are greeted by the breathtaking spectacle of Karnak lit up by spotlights. As we walk into the now silent and empty Hypostyle Hall, the energy of this "most sacred of places" swirls around us, and as we make our way to the Temple of Ptah and its secret sanctuary, the atmosphere is  charged with the electricity of anticipation, for here in this ancient sanctuary stands the statue of the Goddess Sekhmet, and still, even after millenia have passed, an energy of power and magnificence stll radiates from its  volcanic depths.

It is here, under a radiant sky that we will stand around the altar and make our sacrifice to this ancient  Deity, and perform the Rite of Purification.


Afterwards, one by one we will take a small light and enter her sanctuary and have a few moments alone with "She who is the Most Powerful".

For many people this is an almost overwhelming, and life changing moment that is never forgotten, and brings them back to Egypt with me again and again.

This statue of The Goddess Sekhmet has caused miracles for me over and over again. Its power never ceases to amaze me.


Later we visit the Temple of Luxor, called The Temple of Man




and then, coffee and browsing in the Souk.







The souk is filled with a wonderful variety of shops, here we are able to buy cotton  tops, galabeyas,  scarves, trinkets and souvenirs and gifts for the friends and family at home. There is even a CD shop for those of us who have fallen in love with Egyptian music.


We are able to sit in the coffee shop and immerse ourselves in the culture as we watch the people of Luxor pass by. 


Luxor is a much smaller and friendlier city and we are always sad to leave it. There is something about Luxor that everyone falls in love with.


It may be the gorgeous sunsets, I certainly seem to take endless photographs of them!







There is something about the energy of the sacred sites of Egypt that drains camera batteries very quickly, so if you love to take photos as much as I do, I recommend an extra camera and extra batteries. People often take 2 or 3 thousand photographs. Yes, I did say 2 or 3 thousand...and that is me every tour, there is always something new to see in Egypt and even if I have seen the same thing dozens of times, It is still fascinating and worth a few more shots.






Last year the Tombs of Seti 1st and of Nefertari were opened to the public again for the first time in many years.

If they are still open the entrance price is 1000 Egyptian Pounds and this is not included in the tour price.

Depending on the exchange rate, this is around $150 Australian dollars and it is money well spent as these 2 tombs are spectacular. 

 The above scene is from the tomb of Seti 1st


 This scene  is from the gorgeous  tomb of Nefertari, surely the most beautiful tomb ever made.







Day 14.  FRIDAY

 We drive to Esna to see the Temple of Khnum and Neith with its remarkable astrological ceiling. 

This temple was toatlly buried  and filled with silt from the Nile Floods. The miracle is, that the silt actually preserved the artwork and the parts of the temple that have ben cleaned show us the brilliant colours that would once have adorned every temple in Egypt.


Later we have an optional visit to  the wonderful Luxor Museum.


Day 15 Saturday

We fly back to  exciting and chaotic Cairo.



BF and dinner at our beautiful hotel


DAY 16. Sunday 

A day of secrets and mystery.





What are the origens of the human race? How could primitive tribes of hunter-gatherers become the builders of the Osirion, the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid? The text books tell us that this rapid growth of civilzation and knowledge occured in the space of 15 generations...add it up for yourself, can we really believe  this to be true, or even possible?

Over and over again, the Ancient Egyptians tell us of the beings who came to teach them, to rescue them from the primitive state in which they lived and to help them become exalted God-like beings.

They tell us of the longevity of the ancient Kings, what their names were and for how long each one ruled. Why do we not believe them?  Considering all the other suns and planets out there, is it really so  unbelievable?

Today we will visit the mysterious locations where the "ancestors from the stars" are said to have first arrived.


BF, Dinner and overnight at our hotel, and I am sure that we shall have plenty to talk about over dinner!



DAY 17  . Monday







The Step Pyramid of Saqqara was built for Pharaoh Djoser,  and is believed to have been designed and built by the legendary Imhotep, who was so highly revered for his knowledge and wisdom, that he was able to attain God like status after his death.


Beneath the Step Pyramid are kilometers of passages, stairwells and galleries, in which were found thousands of cups, plates and vases made of alabaster and Rose Quartz.


Some of the rooms were exquisitly decorated with Blue/green faience tiles.

There are many mysteries at Saqqara, among them the famous sound boxes which we will be able to explore.




The Serapeum contains many masive stone sarcophagai, they were supposed to be the last resting place of the sacred Bulls, but few were ever found in side them, most were empty.

So...why were they built...and how did they get them down here?




Access to The Pyramid of Unas, closed for over 20 years.

This Pyramid, along with the Pyramid of Teti describe the Pharaohs  fascinating Journey of " The Living Resurrection"


BF and dinner


DAY 18 Tuesday


For millenia the worlds prophets and spiritual teachers had to visit Egypt for initiation in the Great Pyramid before they could fulfill their Divine missions. Now , if we want it to be, it is our turn.









First we pay a visit to the Valley Temple and the enigmatic SPHINX.


From an antiquity too great for many to even imagine, the Sphinx has gazed eastward towards the rising sun. It was erected in the Zodiac Age of Leo, (10,500BC).  To the Ancient Egyptian this marked the beginning of time, when the Gods came to earth and lived beside humans. If only we knew what the Sphinx has seen we would know far more about our own evolution and the destiny of humankind on earth.

What face was here originally before it was re carved into the face of a Pharaoh? That lost information could tell us so much about the lost history of the world and about our own beginnings.





To stand before it is truly amazing, but to be inside it, well, that is something else that is even more spectacular.


Inside the Great Pyramid we follow in the footsteps of the Pharaohs and High Adepts of the ancient world, for here they came to pass the challenges it would take for them to be "born again", to become the "Horus", the higher being, the intermediary between ordinary mortals and the Gods.

They were only admitted after many years of study and learning, so we are truly blessed to be able to enter this sacred space and climb through the interior of the Pyramid to the Queens Chamber abd then on to the Kings Chamber.

The Kings Chamber is totally bare except for the lidless sarcophagus at one end, the lidless sarcophagus bears testament to what was said of the Adepts, "death cannot hold them".

It is in this room that we begin our meditation and ask that we will be enabled to pass to our next level of Destiny without having to physically die first and trust that whatever happens is the right thing for us and will lift us to a higher level of being.


For most people the private time inside the Great Pyramid is the highlight of the tour, a thrilling experience like no other and one that has the potential to be life changing for some of the participants who are ready to take the next step in thier own esoteric, spiritual and personal development.

BF, Dinner and overnight at hotel.







Sadly....it is time to go home..... but the good news is... you can always come back again. And most people do come back. Egypt gets into your heart and soul in a way that no where else is able to do.





We transfer to Cairo International Airport for our flight back home.







We obtain special permits to enter these locations out of the usual public opening times. This affords us unique opportunities to aquire knowledge and meditate undisturbed by others and to feel the intense energy that has built up over thousands of years inside the tombs, temples and pyramids.

However, these visits are subject to the Egyptian Government and on very rare occaisions may be changed .


There may be on some occaisions slight alterations to the itinerary... or even big ones...go with it...it always ends up being better!