Please contact   Amber St Clare 



Email  astc1@ecn.net.au


Phone  within Australia 07 55475669


From outside Australia    61 7 55475669


Please see Below for Booking Terms and Conditions.







Deposits and Payments:  

A deposit of   US$1000 per person , together with a signed booking form is required at time of booking.

Under certain circumstances the deposit becomes non refundable.



Cancellation, amendment and refunds.

 If it becomes necessary to cancel your booking, please notify us in writing immediately. Cancellation of any bookings after the  booking is confirmed will result in the loss of your deposit plus any land, air or cancellation fees which may be applied by our local operators plus administration fees.

After Final Payment Date all monies are non refundable unless we are able to secure refunds from our local operators.



No refund is available after the tour has commenced, in respect of any services not utilised or for any reason at all..


Travel Insurance.

Personal Travel Insurance is not included in the tour price. The holding of personal travel insurance is a condition of booking this tour, we will need to see a copy of it before the tour leaves.


Health and Immigration Requirements.

We recommend that all passengers consult thier doctors regarding vaccinations/ medication before any overseas trip. All travellers require a current passport with  at least 6 months validity.


Itinerary Variations.

 Mirror of Eternity constantly strive to improve tour itineraries and features and  we reserve the right to make alterations to the itinerary.  We reserve the right to vary itineraries and to substitute hotels.



Flight departure times are shown on your tickets . Check in time for international flights is two (2) hours before departure time. We will not be responsible for any schedule changes or if you miss your flight. 



This tour is NOT suitable for those with mental or physical disabilities, or for children.






Tour Price.

Prices quoted are current, in American  dollars,(US$)  and are subject to currency fluctuation and increases passed on by the local tour operators or airlines, and any government taxes or charges that may be levied between the time of quotation and date of departure.



Tipping when a service is provided is a way of life in many of the countries we visit. To simplify this process for group members, the  tour manager will collect from each person a contribution, and the "Tipping Kitty" is then used to tip anyone who has rendered service to the group as a whole, while on the tour. The "Tipping Kitty" on this tour is US$ 150 per person.


Tour Participartion.

Our destinations, in general, are not geared to cater for the physically or mentally challenged traveller at this time. Any traveller who requires any special consideration and assistance must have a full-time carer/ companion.

Mirror of Eternity reserves the right to remove passengers from our group tour if their behavior or attitude is likely to affect the smooth operation of the tour or adversly affect the enjoyment, harmony or safety of other passengers. If we refuse to carry or accomodate any passengers on these grounds, the passenger shall have no right to claim damages against   Mirror of Eternity, Amber St Clare or anyone else involved in the running of the tour.


Statement of Responsibility. 

 The travel agent acts only as agent for the passengers with respect to services provided, included, but not limited to hotels, restaurants, sightseeing,and all forms of transportation. Amber St Clare and Mirror of Eternity take all reasonable precautions to make the tours as safe as possible for the tour passengers and others. Amber St Clare and Mirror of Eternity shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the passenger or any other person, or any injury or death of any person, any such loss, damage, injury or death may be caused to arise. Any travel involves some measure of personal risk that the passenger has to take into account. Amber St Clare and .Mirror of Eternity shall not be responsible shoud the standard of the services be below the expectations of the passenger. Mirror of Eternity and Amber St Clare shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay,death or irregularity that may be caused to persons or property however caused or arising during or in connection with the tour, including any services provided by contractors.

Amber St Clare and Mirror of Eternity shall not be liable  for any loss, damage, expense, delay or inconvenience resulting either directly or indirectly from circumstances outside our control. Including acts of nature, war, civil unrest, strikes,acts of government or authorities, weather extremes,breakdowns, accidents, disease,quarantine,terrorism, medical or customs regulations, alterations, cancellations or delays concerning itineraries, timetables or accommodation.


Potential travelers to Egypt should be aware that In 2011 Egypt underwent a revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak and that since then there have been sporadic outbreaks of civil unrest.  Although we take every reasonable precaution, we do not know if or when civil unrest could break out again in Egypt or any other country. Travelers on this tour take the tour at their own risk and Amber St Clare,  Mirror of Eternity and its directors and employees shall not be held responsible for any loss, damage, death or injury resulting from civil unrest in Egypt or neighbouring countries.

Privacy Notice.

We collect  information about you, including health if necessary, to provide services and products to you, process your travel arrangements, and ensure efficient completion of your travels. We may need to pass on this information to airlines, embassies/ consulates, other operators, and other agencies for security, customs and immegration purposes. You can have full access to this information by contacting this office.


Tour Facillitator.

If for any reason Amber St Clare is unable to take the tour,The Mirror of Eternity, the tour will be postponed and tour participants offered a place in an upcoming Mirror of Eternity Tour.

If tour participants fall below the minimum number required for the tour to go ahead, the tour will be postponed and participants wil be offered a place in an upcoming tour, but no compensation shall be payable.


There is a charge of US$30  each way for airport transferes  for those not arriving with the main group.  


To ensure a Pyramid View room in  our hotel in Cairo, an extra cost of US30 per night is involved. Please let me know your preference when you book.


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