A PILGRIMAGE TO THE ANCIENT TEMPLE OF THE COSMOS                                                               



In Ancient times Egypt was the Pilgrimage destination of all the great Adepts of the world. They journeyed here to learn, to recieve Wisdom and Enlightenment  in the Temples,  and finally in the Great Pyramid, Ascension.


On our Journey we follow in the foot steps of the great Adepts and Pharaohs who came here to be uplifted and learn of their true purpose upon earth.

Those who undertook this quest consquently became the great leaders, teachers, thinkers, and philosophers of history.


This is still our aim, to help those people who are worthy of the honour, to become the great leaders, teachers, thinkers and philosophers of a new world, a world once again based on the principles of MAAT., Order, Balance, Justice......and a deep connection to God. ( or whatever your word is for this Supreme Divine Force).




If  the  words  "Ancient Egypt" have always held a magical fascination for you, if you believe in reincarnation and think that you may have lived a past life in the land of the Pharaohs, if you are interested in spirituality and finding your true purpose for being on earth at this time, if you are searching for spiritual meaning in your life, then please, do not miss this tremendous opportunity to join us on this adventure of the spirit.


Ancient Egypt was the first high civilization on the planet and the cradle of metaphysical, scientific and esoteric knowledge. Ancient Egypt had knowlede so far advanced for its time that its priests and learned men and women were called "magicians" because they knew how to bend reality and how to create super human powers in themselves. All of this was part of thier Religion, which told them that the only purpose of life on earth was to learn and grow into God like beings themselves, and this is what was expected of them.



This is where the Gods first came to earth, and , in the words of the Ancient Egyptians themselves


"Our Gods Came FromThe Stars"


"and after teaching us all that we know, they went back again".


In this journey we will do our best to find the traces these Gods left behind them and the secrets to a far older history for Ancient Egypt, and the world, than is currently taught.




Every year thousands of tourists flock to Egypt, they see the pyramids and the temples, but never know or experience them in the way the Ancient Egyptians did. They never know why they were built where they were built or what purpose they served.

The Ancient Egyptians were great geomancers and each temple and pyramid was built in a specific location for a specific purpose and together created an energy grid that stretched across Egypt. Many sensative people are still able to feel that energy and connect with the original purpose of the location; especially when it is pointed out to them.


The whole purpose of the tour,  "The Mirror of Eternity ", is to make the same journey that the Pharaohs and great Adepts of the ancient world took, traveling to each sacred location on the energy grid, learning what they mean and ending up in The Great Pyramid, which is the Ascension of the soul. Here they became  "The Horus" or Higher Being, able to converse with the Gods and intercede with them for the benefit of humanity and the earth herself.

As we make our journey, Amber teaches the spiritual and sacred meaning of each location and we are able to connect with  the Spirituality of Ancient Egypt. We are able to meditate in some of the worlds most  intensly sacred places...and perhaps....find out  who we really are and why we are here right now...and what we are here to do.




 "I go back to the place where I was first fashioned and the Gods fashion me anew once more. I am born again and again." Text from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.




Amber St Clare is an Esoteric Egyptologist with a life long passion and fascination with Ancient Egypt.

She has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and was the personal student of renowned Egyptologist and author Moustafa Gadalla.

Amber is one of the few Egyptologists in the world with a Masters Degree in Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and the only one to take tour groups from Australia.

For a lifetime Amber has studied what the Ancient Egyptians thought, knew and believed about themselves, the Cosmos and their Gods.

Amber  is a well known speaker and author and gives workshops on Ancient Egyptian Mysticism.


and is Principal and Founder of  The Academy of Ancient Egyptian Mysticism



Whilst she studied Ancient Egypt Amber worked as an Hypnotherapist  and Medical Herbalist.

She has 2 Diplomas in Medical Herbalism, a Masters in Hypnosis, a Diploma in Nutrition, Taught Dream Analysis in Colledge and owned The Alternative Health Center in Sydney for 30 years.

Amber has also taught meditation, guided visualization and past life regression and now has a  series of  hypnotic guided visualizations and meditations on CD.

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What she learned about the power of the mind in hypnosis and the symbolism of dreams  gives her a unique perspective on the symbolism used  by the Ancient Egyptians and the way inwhich they viewed their universe.

Amber  has also been taught Shamanism by the Native Americans and received the Fire Initiation from a Tibetan Lama.



All my life I have  searched for the truth and knowledge of the Gods at  the dawn of history. It has taken me on an immense journey of personal and spiritual growth and exploration and I have been often rewarded by extraordinary circumstances, " chance"meetings with remarkable people and intense and powerful spiritual / esoteric experiences, but none more dymanic than those I experience in Egypt on a continuing basis.

For me, going back to Egypt is going "home".   ASTC



                                      THE MIRROR OF ETERNITY

If you looked into the Mirror of Eternity, what would you see?

A cosmos full of planets and stardust, whirling galaxies without number streaming across an endless space,

or would you see your own image staring back at you?

Not just your physical image staring back at you,

but your real self, your heart and thoughts and spirit laid bare,

and beyond that.......the golden glimmer of your immortal soul, caught shining, reflected in the eyes of God.       ASTC.





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